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Son of Daebyeol
(Korean mythological
of the Underworld)


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Denis is a hard-worker, he started working as a part-timer since he was 12 years old when he found out that he really enjoys working.
He always has a smile on his face to hide his true personality which he knew will be taken as too gloomy for most people to handle. But anyone close enough to him can easily see the sadness in Denis' eyes no matter how wide he smiles.
Although Denis mainly kept a calm and friendly attitude, he never backs down from a fight, especially if it's to protect the people important to him.
Denis' main personality flaw is that he is very promiscuous when it comes to sex, and he doesn't easily bonded emotionally with his sex partners.

The Basics

Full Name:
Denis Vasilescu
English= DEN-is
French= de-NEE
German= DE-nis
Modern form of "Dionysius"

30th October 1993
19 years old
Alive and

Native Language:
Languages Spoken:

Marin Vasilescu, a Romanian descent American, went touring to South Korea with her friends where she met Daebyeol. Daebyeol was just finished visiting his brother Sobyeol, the supreme-ruler of the mortal world, when Marin bumped into him.

After exchanging apologies and pleasantries, Daebyeol paid closer attention to Marin's face and he was fascinated with what he saw, so he decided to postponed his journey back to the Underworld and asked Marin to go out with him. Marin who was already fallen head-over-heels when she first saw Daebyeol's face instantly agreed to his suggestion.

Marin literally forgot about her friends while she spent her time in Korea with Daebyeol. There were no days there that she didn't spend together with him. They grew so close that Marin and Daebyeol shared their bed and Marin got pregnant.

Daebyeol as the supreme ruler of the underworld of course couldn't leave his realm for too long, so with a very heavy heart he gently explained to Marin who he really was, about the fate of their child, about Camp Mythology, and mainly about the "no direct intervention" rule between a god and his/her demigod child. He even showed Marin the entrance to the underworld, simply to make sure that Marin believed him.

After entrusting an iron sword forged in the underworld for his child to Marin, Daebyeol bid his farewell to Marin.

With a broken heart, Marin went back to America where she decided to got out of her parent's house to live on her own and raised her son that she named Denis.

Denis grew up quite normally, until he was 9 years old when Marin decided to marry a man named John. John had always been cold toward Denis, but since he didn't do or say anything to hurt Denis before he married Marin, she didn't notice John's cold behavior toward her son.

Once John and Marine got married, John started abusing Denis, physically and verbally, every single day. It was clear that John really loved Marin, but he despised Denis because he saw Denis as nothing but a nuisance to his newly-formed family.

Marin really felt sorry toward Dennis for not realizing John's behavior before she married him, but Denis - not wanting to make his mother sad - just smiled and said that it was okay and that he didn't mind John's attitude toward him as long as John didn't do anything to hurt Marin.

Because of this circumstances, Denis started to work part time jobs since he was 12 years old and save the money with the planning that he would move out of his mother's house after he's 18.

Unfortunately, Denis' fate as a demigod was slowly catching up to him. One day when he was walking home, he was attacked by a monster. The monster looked like a normal human at first, but as it started to attack Denis, it gradually grew into the size twice as big as a normal human.

Thankfully the monster was not a fast runner and Denis was able to escape it. At home Marin saw that Denis looked pale and scared, and when she urged him to say what was wrong, Denis finally told her the truth. Marin realized that the time that Daebyeol warned her about their son had finally come, so she gave Denis the sword that was entrusted to her by Daebyeol.

Denis couldn't believe it when his mother took out a full-size sword from her room. He'd been in her room countless times and yet he never saw a sword in there before. Marin then explained to him that that sword was not a usual sword, that it's a sword forged in the underworld, entrusted by Daebyeol to her to be given to Denis when he'd come of age. She also told Denis that that sword was not visible to humans - sometimes including demigods, like Denis - because it was enveloped with the 'mist' which rendered it undetectable by mortals unless it was clearly pointed to them. That sword is also unable to hurt humans, but it is effective for killing monsters and demigods.

Marin continued explaining about who Denis' real father was, and what Denis' really is. It was quite an unexpected news for Denis, but he tried to digest the news as best as he could.

Since he acquired the sword, Denis diligently - but also surreptitiously, because he didn't want John to find out about it - practiced with it every time he had free time. He eventually able to wield it properly, though he never got the chance to really used it because there was no other monster attack again for a few years after that first attack.

The practice also paid up in another form. Denis' body developed quite nicely because he practiced using his not-so-light sword, and so he started drawing attentions from girls - and some boys that 'interested' in other boys.

Denis enjoyed the positive attention he got from his surroundings, and once he hit the age of 16, Denis was already sexually active. Thankfully he was clever enough to always played it safely.

One thing that didn't change, though, was how badly John treated Denis. Yes, once Denis got tall enough, John stopped hitting him, but verbal abuses continued each day, and every time Denis got depressed because of how his step-dad treated him, he just went out and looked for some 'fun-time' with anyone he could find.

After Denis finished high-school at the age of 19, he decided not to continue his education to college, at least for now, and tried to work full time. He tried to move out of his mom's house, since he already got enough money to look for a place of his own, but Marin asked him to stay for a little longer since she wasn't ready to release her son to the real world just yet.

Denis reluctantly accepted Marin's request and decided to stay with her for another year.

One day after a long session of John's incessant ramblings - and Denis holding himself back from punching the man - Denis was out looking for a partner to have some fun with.

He found a guy that was also interested in having some good time. Denis doesn't really picky when it comes to sex-partners. Girls or guys, it doesn't really matter to him. As long as he could take his mind off of his family life, he'll take it.

But this person was not an ordinary person.

Once Denis and the guy got to a motel room, the guy changed. He got brutal and started to attack Denis. At first Denis thought that the guy was just a violent kind of guy, but just to be safe, Denis concentrated to try and look past the mist.

Then Denis saw that the guy he was about to share a bed with was a demon. The guy didn't really look that much different than normal humans, but he had red eyes and his mouth was filled with teeth that looked like shark's teeth.

Denis started to fight back, but unfortunately he didn't bring his sword with him, so all he could do was just to dodged the demon's attacks and tried to run away.

Finally able to get out of the motel, Denis ran straight back home, hoping that it'd be like last time where the monster gave-up chasing him.

Unfortunately this demon was persistent. He followed Denis back to his home and burst through looking for him.

Denis quickly grabbed his sword and confronted the demon. The demon was already started to attack John. Denis had a second-long thought to let the demon had his way with John, but then decided against it because Denis remembered that although John had always been terrible toward Denis, he loved Denis' mother just as much as Denis himself loved her.

Denis finally attacked the monster, and gave John the chance to run away. Denis and the monster was locked in a fight for a few minutes before it became clear that Denis was no match for the demon. He might already practiced much using the sword, but without proper instructions from someone who understood about fighting monsters, Denis was basically like he was just flailing his sword around aimlessly.

Finally the demon managed to land a hit on Denis' body, and made him fall to his knees.

The demon was about to land his death blow on Denis when Marin suddenly entered the room where Denis and the demon was fighting.

"Mom, no," Denis grunted. "Run."

But Marin didn't listen to Denis and threw some things toward the demon to distract him from killing her son.

It worked. Instead of delivering his death blow to Denis, the demon started making his way toward Marin.

The monster was about to hit Marin, and Denis - didn't want to see his mother hurt - inadvertently activated his demigod power. A deep fissure appeared on the floor between the monster and Marin, and it started spewing hell-fire. The fissure only lasted for a few seconds before it closed up again, but it was enough to distract the demon.

Denis took the chance and strike at the demon using his iron sword, and the demon instantly changed into a rain of golden dust.

After that attack, Denis decided that it was really the time that he needed to move out of his mom's house, because him being there would only brought danger to his mom.

Marin finally told Denis about the location of Camp Mythology, and the next day Denis bid his farewell to his mom - and somewhat to John also - and started his journey toward the camp.

Once he reached the camp, Daebyeol's symbol hovered and shone above Denis' head, as a sign that the Korean Supreme-Ruler of the Underworld acknowledged and claimed Denis as his son.

Childhood & Family Info

Childhood & Firsts:
Religious Views:
Earliest Memory:
Playing building blocks
Public school
First Kiss:
He forgot
First Sex:
He forgot
First Love:
Not yet

Marin Vasilescu
Half Siblings:
The other Daebyeol's children
Physical Appearance & Images

Model: not known
Physical Description

Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blond
Height 176 cm
Weight 68 kg
Ethnicity Caucasian
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 11
Blood Type A-
Voice Second tenor
Eye Sight 20/20
Health Status Healthy
None Combat Abilities Working
Clothing Style Anything comfortable
Distinguishing Marks None
Body Style Adequately muscular
Weapons & Possessions
Denis' Iron Sword
Combat & Abilities

Skills Grappling and close quarters combat
Weapon of Choice His Iron sword
Strengths Attack power and accuracy
Weaknesses Defense and speed
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 0

Demigod Abilities

(Proposed. True until stated otherwise by the admins)

  • Able to resurrect a single undead corpse which will fight, mindlessly, alongside him until it is broken down or dismissed.
  • Can create a very small fissure 0n the ground which spews small amounts of hell-fire for a few moments before closing.
  • Able to bend shadows around him, concealing him for a short time.
  • Able to vanquish undead creature with a single attack.
  • Able to shadow travel.
General & Misc Info
"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life."
-Mark Twain-
Camp Life

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