Lennox Easom

Son of Dionysus
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Basic Info
Full Name Lennox Easom
Pronunciation LEN-əks
Meaning "place of elms" (Scottish)
Formerly n/a
Born 23 January 1996
Died n/a
Current Age 17 y/o
Gender Male
Species Demigod
Sexuality Straight
Status Alive and healthy


I have conflicting feelings toward hell-hounds. In one hand, they have attacked and tried to kill me a few times. From that fact, it is natural that I fear or maybe even hate them. On the other hand...

Maybe it will be better if I start my story from the beginning.

My name is Lennox, and I have never known my father.

My mother told me that my biological father was a chubby but charming man that knows his way with words. My mother met him at a party at one of her friend's home and my father was the first to make advances toward my mother.

I am not saying that my mother was 'cheap' or that she was 'easy'. At that time she was just a young, unexperienced, naive, and curious girl, so she was fast smitten by my father. They went upstairs at the place of the party, and they had a one night stand

If only my mother didn't get pregnant, than my mother's relationship with my father would have been just that, a one night stand. A one time fling.

Unfortunately for her, my mother ended up being pregnant with me.

Fortunately for my mother, my grandparents accepted her pregnancy quite well. They were understandably disappointed that their only child ended up being pregnant without a husband, but they encouraged her not to have an abortion. Sometimes I think if not for my grandparents, I might have never been born because my mother might just aborted her pregnancy

When my mother was about to give birth, she was having an evening walk in the park and that was when her water broke. There was a man who saw what happened and he helped my mother to get to the hospital.
Background Info
Hometown -
Type of Childhood -
Most Important Childhood Event -
Type of Smarts -
Religious Views -
Earliest Memory -
Firsts Kiss = -
Sex = -
Love = -
Battle = -
Family Info
Father Dionysus
Mother -
Half-Siblings on Mortal Parent side -
Half-Siblings on Godly Parent side -

Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 170 cm
Weight 52 kg
Nationality American
Native Language English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Accent Urban
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 13
Blood Type B-
Voice 1st bass
Eye Sight 20/20
Languages Spoken English
Health Status Healthy
Non-combat Ability
Clothing Style Casual
Distinguishing Marks Piercing on his right lower lip
Body Style Slim

General Info
Relationship Status -
Nicknames -
Current Location -
Pets -
Likes -
Dislikes -
Fears/Phobias -
Hobbies -
Personal quote -
Things He Won't Do -
People He Secretly Admire -
Most Influenced By -
Most Important Person Before Camp -
Most Important Person Now -
Immediate Goals -
Long Term Goals -

Vices -
Bad Habits -
Sleeping Habits -
Quirks -

Dream Job -
Current Job -
Former Job(s) -
Possible Career Path -

Colour -
Music -
Food -
Animal -
Book -
Movie -
Other Favs -


Skills -
Weapon of Choice -
Weapons in possession -
Strengths -
Weaknesses -
Quests Led -
Quests Been On -

  1. As a child of Dionysus, Lennox is able to control the growth of plants with veins especially grapes, and use those veins to attack his opponent.
  2. As a child of Dionysus, Lennox is able to force a state of mild drunkenness on another person for a short time.
  3. As a child of Dionysus, Lennox is able to cause a group of people to become irrational and fight amongst themselves for no reason for a short time.


  1. As a child of Dionysus, Lennox can null the pain of any wound - on himself or on others - for a short time.
  2. As a child of Dionysus, Lennox is able to go into a drunken state where he becomes unpredictable and are near impossible to hit with an attack.

General Personality


General Reaction
Reacts to a Crisis? -
Face Their Problems? -
Reacts to Change -
Alignment -

Attitude -
Personality -
Talents -
Social Skills -
Mannerisms -
Peculiarities -

Self Perception
One Word to Describe -
Best Physical Trait -
Worst Physical Trait -
Things to Change About Self -
Mental State -
Mental/Emotional Disorders -
Emotional Stability -

Greatest Fear -
Most at Ease When? -
Priorities -
Past Failures -
Biggest Accomplishment -
Darkest Secret -
Secret Known by Anyone? -
Personal Tragedy -
Outlook on Life -
One Wish -
Fatal Flaws -

Relationship With Others
Ever Cheated? -
Relates to Others? -
Perceived by Strangers -
Perceived by Lover -
Perceived by Friends -
Perceived by Family -
First Impression -
Family/Friends Like Most? -
Family/Friends Like Least -
Name Relation Feelings
Dionysus Father Mixed

Out Of Character Notes
Role Character Plays Camper/Demigod
Inspiration Behind Creation -
Future Goals -
Current Relationship -
Current Active RP's -

Life At Camp


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