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For those who know a user with username SpellThorn65 from other wikis (especially role-playing wikis), they might notice that she is a maniac in making Original Characters and coding the character pages' design. So, rather than annoying the other wikis and its users, she decided to make a wiki of her own. And so, this is a place where SpellThorn65 put her ideas on things so that she won't bother other wikis (it feels weird to talk in third person style, LOL)

The Topic Of The Wiki
The topic of this wiki is the ideas that might pop into SpellThorn65's head. It might be original characters, stories, concepts for a role-play wiki, etc.
Anyone may come in and take a look around. If you want to make a page and started your own article, please notify SpellThorn65 first.
If you saw a page design that you like and you want to use it for your own page in other wikis, you are welcome to copy the coding.

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