Toby Carter
Leutenant Councilor of Bes' Cabin
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General Personality

Toby is a distant person for those who know him for the first time. He came to be like that because of his less-than-ideal upbringing. Once a person got past the initial awkwardness when the first got to know him, they will see that Toby is in fact a warm and kind person with a very fragile heart that can break with just the slightest of touch.
He's afraid of children, not because he hates them, but because he was bullied quite severely by his peers when he was very young and that made him had the preconception that children can be very mean, especially to other children. Deep inside he likes children and won't let anything bad happen to them, but he just can't bring himself to socialize with them.
Toby has the tendency to feel insecure about his (lack of) height, and also about his ability to keep his own powers in check.
He's very good at controlling his anger and sense of aggression, but he knows when to unleash them.
Although generally he's mild mannered, and has a good behavior, once he sense sarcasm directed toward him, he won't hesitate to retaliate with the similar degree of sarcasm

Son of Bes
Lt. Councilor of Bes' Cabin
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 5th June 1994
Family Bes (Father)
Ellen Carter (Mother)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Grey
Hair Colour Brown
Height 5'3"
Weight 143 lbs
Affiliation Camp Pyramid
Bes' Cabin

Weapons Silver Dagger
Hometown Denver
Species Demigod
Quests 0


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How His Parents Met:
Bes met Ellen - Toby's mother - at a party that he attended. Ellen was a very fun girl at the time, dancing, laughing, and drinking with her friends, and that made Bes quickly noticed her.
Bes tried to flirt with her, just to have a little fun, but somehow his flirtings was wolcomed quite warmly by Ellen. It wasn't long before they shared drinks and got drunk together.
The next morning Bes woke up in Ellen's bed with Ellen in his embrace.
Bes tried to make things right with Ellen by really trying to get to know her better, but Ellen was not that kind of girl. She was not a 'steady relationship' kind of person, and so she send Bes away because she considered Bes as nothing more than just a flirt.
Unbeknownst to Ellen, her one night together with Bes was enough to make her pregnant with Bes' child. She was angry when she finally found out about it. She even considered about aborting her pregnancy, but finally came to her senses and decided to bore the child and gave it up to an orphanage. She simply didn't want the death of a baby burdening her conscience.

Toby was born In Denver, on June 5th 1994, and Ellen promptly gave him up to an orphanage. He stayed in the oprhanage for a while, until he was adopted. But the couple who adopted him gave him up not long after, because his crying was unworldly loud and somehow his cries made the foster parents felt uncomfortable, and even afraid of him. A few more foster parents tried to adopt him, and promptly gave him up again because of his seemingly terror-inducing cries.
That condition continued until he was a toddler and was send to a halfway-home. The adults of that home was very abusive and always hit Toby whenever he cried. Living his early years in that kind of environment made Toby prefered to be a very quiet boy.
In elementary school, his preference to being quiet gave rise to another problem.His teachers who didn't know about the abusive ciscumstances at home where Toby lived in considered him to be a weird boy. And his peers also thought of him as a freak for refusing to speak unless he really had to.
His classmates started to tease him, bullied him, and eventually, because Toby was small in size for his age, they started to abuse him, too. They made him into a punching bag, shoved him around, made him as targets when they were throwing or kicking balls in PE, pushed him into a ditch, and other things.
The worst was when one day his classmates stripped him down to his undies, gagged him, and planned to tie him to a tree at the school yard. Toby, who was somehow accustomed to being bullied and abused only kept quiet and stared at the distance, waiting for it all to end. Suddenly one of the bullies grabbed Toby's jaws and forced him to look at the bully straight in the eye.
That was the worst mistake that the bully made, because when he stared into Ted's eyes, he saw pure terror emitted from Ted's eyes and brought the thought of great disasters to the bully's mind. The bully let go of Ted's jaws and grabbed his own head, screaming in terror and panic. The other bullies didn't know what had happened, and they also inadvertantly looked at Toby's eyes, and they end up gripped in the feelings of terror, too, just like their friend before.
Ever since that incident, the bullies stopped bullying or abusing Toby, but in exchange they spread bad rumors about him to the whole school and made it impossible for Toby to make any friends.
To make things worse, when he was 9 years old, as he was walking home alone Toby encountered a monster. At first, the monster took up the shape of a large cat and it followed Toby while he was walking home. Toby was quite fond of cats, so he stopped and tried to pet the cat, but it slowly transformed. First, the body became larger, to the size of a bull terrier, and it's neck elongated rapidly until the cat was no longer looking like a cat, but more like a small lion with a snake's body as its neck.
Toby ran away as fast as he could, screaming all the way. Fortunately his house was not so far from the place where he encountered the monster, so he managed to hide in the house. But Toby made a mistake of slamming the front door when he came into the house in fear. Because of that, his foster parents became angry and they beat Toby for slamming the door. His foster parents didn't believe him when Toby told them about the monster. They accused him of lying and of course the beat him up some more.

The Fateful Attack:
Thankfully Toby didn't encounter another monster after that. But when he was 16 years old, he'd had enough of being beaten up by his foster parents, so he ran away from home and tried to live alone on the streets.
It was a tough life, living on the street. He had to deal with hunger, cold, other homeless people, but Toby thought that it was better to live on the street rather than live in an abusive home. To make things complicated, since he was still underage, he had to hide from the police, because if they found out that Toby was only 16, they'd send him to child services and maybe even back to his foster home.
Toby live in hiding on the street for more than 2 years, until he was 18, and finally free to show himself without being afraid of the police anymore. In those 2 years Toby learned how not to be such a push-over, and he also learned how to defend himself. Surprisingly to Toby, he was quite fast to learn how fight. He always held his agression all this time, but now that he's forced to fend for himself on the streets, he found out that he's quite adequate in fighting even with only his bare hands. More over, when he fights, he felt like his energy is boundless. It was as if he could continue fighting for as long as he needed. But after the fight ended, he felt the sores and pains resulting from the fight.
One night,when he was trying to get some sleep under a bridge on the bank of a river, suddenly a very beautiful woman woke him up. Toby was suprised to see a beautiful woman wearing a dress made from a very thin fabric in front of him. The woman didn't say anything accept Toby's name in a very seductive way and she continued seducing him. The woman was beautiful, and also had a very enchanting voice. Toby was helpless to resist her, and he let the woman continued what she was doing and she started kissing Toby's neck.
Suddenly Toby felt a very painful sensasion on the spot where the woman was kissing him, until it dawned on him that the woman wasn't kissing him. Instead, she was biting Toby's neck.
Toby tried to push the woman away, but she was somehow able to held toby in her grip. He tried to scream, but all he was able to let out was just a series of desperate cries of pain. Toby slowly losing his consciousness as his blood was being drained by the mysterious woman.
Fortunately for Toby, a demigod passed the bridge and he heard Toby's helpless cries. He tried to find out what was happening and he found Toby was in the process of being sucked dry by the woman. The demigod promptly recognised the woman as an El-Naddaha, a monster with the form of a beautiful woman that used to live in Nile river and feed on the blood of young men that fell into her charm.
The demigod took out his kopesh and attacked the El-Naddaha from behind without it noticing the demigod's presence. The demigod only needed one slash to kill the El-Naddaha and its body turned to sand.
Toby nearly ran out of blood, so the demigod forced some kind of potion made from herbs down Toby's throat, and next he also used some spells to enhance and accellerate the potion's effects.
When Toby came to, he found the demigod that saved him was sitting by his side, ready with some food for Toby to eat. Toby was starving, so he scarfed down the food without asking anything.

How He Found Out About Camp Pyramid:
After Toby finished eating, the demigod introduced himself as John, and he started to explain to Toby about what that woman really was. If Toby didn't experienced it first hand, he wouldn't have believed it, but since it happened to him, he got no other alternative than to believe John's explanation.
John also slowly started to explain about him being a demigod, and finally John revealed his deduction that Toby was also a demigod since a monster like El-Naddaha wouldn't attack any mere mortal.
When John saw Toby's eyes, he smiled because he recognized the terror-inducing stare that emitted from Toby's eyes. By that time, John already knew who Toby's godly parent was, but he didn't say anything about it to Toby.
Instead, John informed Toby about Camp Pyramid, where demigods like Toby went to stay and learn things about how to live as a demigod. John himself used to stay in that camp, but now that he'd learned how to defend himself against monsters, he decided to try to lead a normal life outside of camp.
Finally John offered to take Toby to that camp, an offer that Toby quickly accepted since he didn't have a home and Camp Pyramid sounded like a nice place to live.
In the morning John escorted Toby to the camp, and once Toby stepped past the camp's boundaries he saw the symbol of the dwarf god hovering above his head. A sign that Bes claimed Toby as his son.


Weapons and Possessions

Toby's silver dagger that he got from Justice Ross at the Armory


Toby's sunglasses that he uses to help him controls his powers. He got it from the Armory

Toby's sunglasses with a strap put in to make sure it won't fall off accidentaly.


1. Children of Bes have the ability to send a wave of terror out in front of them, by saying "Boo", which causes anyone effected by it to imagine something they fear; the bigger the wave, the more energy being used.
2. Children of Bes are able to fight an opponent for a long period of time without tiring or straining themselves.
3. Children of Bes, upon eye contact, can perpetuate a state of pure terror which brings the thought of a great disaster to the forefront of the mind of the person they made eye contact with, making them panic.

Children of Bes can cause an opponent to go into an intense state of laughter by making a joke, which temporarily stops or distract the opponent from fighting.

1. Children of Bes are innately proficient in most forms of combat and hold a higher state of physical prowess.
2. Children of Bes are able to enhance their sense of smell, sight, and hearing if they are protecting an object or an ally.

Children of Bes can become stronger and faster if an ally near them is in danger or wounded. They will continue to be in this kind of state until the danger had passed.

1. Children of Bes will make excellent dancers
2. Children of Bes are known to be short
3. Children of Bes are known to be excellent with children and infants.


Skills He's good at using his terror inducing stare, though he's very reluctant in using it against another human being.
Quite adapt at close quarters combat from fighting on the streets, fending for himself before he came to camp.
Currently practicing using his "Boo" effectively.
Weapon of Choice Silver dagger
Strengths Using his powers and close range combat
Weaknesses Using projectile weapon (never ever let him use any bow&arrows, it's an accidental massacre waiting to happen)
Quests Led None yet
Quests Been On None yet


Name Relationship Status
Bes Father Haven't met him yet. But he heard that Bes is one of the 'fun' god.
Ellen Carter Mother Never really met her. She gave him up for adoption when Toby was a newborn. It'll be a lie if Toby said that he doesn't harbor any ill feeling toward her, but he can't really feel anything toward her.
Lili Friend(?) The first camper that welcomed Toby at Camp Pyramid and showed him around camp
Dalila Friend(?) She's the first camper that understood Toby's problems with his own powers, and helped him find a solution for it.
Suzie Crush(?) Toby already liked her since the first time he met her. He's hoping that she likes him too.

(The question mark (?) indicates that Toby felt that way about the character but he's yet to know whether the feeling is mutual or not)


Camp Life

Toby joined Camp Pyramid on 27th December 2012.
He was welcomed by Lili, and she showed him places in the camp, like the Main House and the Forest.
He met Dalila. She noticed about Toby's aversion from looking straight into another person's eyes because he was worried that his power might involuntarily unleashed and harm the person. She took him to the Armory where she introduced Toby to Justice whom in turn gave Toby a sunglasses to help Toby controls his power, and she also gave Toby a silver dagger for him to use as his primary weapon.
Toby met Suzie and he felt that he really likes her to the point that he nearly makes a fool of himself every time he met her. She informed him of the new year's dance and Toby finally gathered enough courage to ask her to come to the party with him.


Greatest Fear Accidentally hurt somebody using his power
Most at Ease When? At his cabin
Priorities Controlling his powers
Past Failures Unable to defend himself against bullies, but he had overcome it
Biggest Accomplishment Learned how to fight
Darkest Secret His complete first name is "Tobias"
Secret Known by Anyone? No
Personal Tragedy Being stuck in an abusive foster home
Outlook on Life Come what may
One Wish Meeting Bes
Fatal Flaws Too unsure of himself
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